In the famous story of the great 19th century photographer Julia Margaret Cameron, it is said she was given her first camera by her daughter as a way to occupy her time while her husband was away. In my case, as with so many others, the beginning of the story was equally fortuitous: Knowing I was about to spend a year abroad as an exchange student, my mother gave me my first camera, saying I would probably want to take pictures while I was away. Neither of us realized how important that little Instamatic camera would turn out to be, and now, 47 years and over a hundred thousand images later, I present the different portfolios shown here as a reflection of the work I have made since back then in 1970.

One by one, my favorite films and papers have been driven from the market by digital media, but I remain loyal to this day to analog photography, and the originals of all of these images were made with real film, either color slides or black-and-white negatives.

The works shown here are also available for purchase, and exist (depending on the individual image) as black-and-white fiber-base prints, platinum-palladium prints, Cibachromes, dye transfers and/or archival digital prints on Hahnemühle Baryt. Please do not hesitate to contact me here for availability with respect to prices, print dimensions and series sizes.

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